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Kids projects

wood worker kids

Here you will find links to plans for structures or playthings that kids can use or play with. Some projects kids can also make themselves under supervision of an adult.

Kids seesaw - from thingstobuild
How to make a seesaw using a 2x8 plank, 2x3 center support, a bit of concrete and an old car tire.
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Kids scooter - from Buildeazy
How to make a scooter out of wood and bolts found at most building supply stores. Both metric and imperial versions.
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Kids Picnic table - from Buildeazy
How to make a kids picnic table. Just measure, mark, cut, drill and assemble. Both metric and imperial versions.
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All about basketball courts - from HandyManWire
If you ever want to know the size of basketball courts, how to mark one out, the distance from ground to rim, the distance of the throw line and all other measurements etc. Then this link will give you all that information.
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How to make Toy battle ships - from
These toys can be made almost completely from scrap wood materials. Add in a few screws and one small dowel, and you can have a fleet of boats. Another great feature of this project is that very small children can participate in assembling the whole project.
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Make Your Own Barometer - from the Franklin Institute
Make your own barometer and measure the air pressure. Predict the weather. You only need a glass, a ruler, sticky tape, one foot of clear plastic tubing, a stick of chewing gum and some water
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How to make a Jacobs Ladder - from woodcraftarts
The Jacob's ladder is an ancient and famous traditional toys featuring optical illusion and hands-on fun that never grows old. Wooden squares make a magical cascading motion. Having one of these is part of growing up! All you need is a few small blocks of wood, some binding tape and a few tacks.
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