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Adirondack chair project

how to build an adirondack chair
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Step 6. Shape the arms and arm supports

Note: There is now a new version of this project with more detail, photos, drawings, and a video.
To go to the new version click here

Mark and cut the Adirondack chair arms and arm supports [h, f] using the grid below to make a pattern.
(Scroll below the image to see "how to make a card pattern using a grid").

adirondack chair assembly arm pieces

How to make a card pattern using a grid
Each grid is in increments of 25mm or 1" squares so you can work in either metric dimensions or inches.

1.) Cut a piece of card bigger than the required piece of wood.
2.) On the card draw horizontal and vertical lines 25mm or 1" apart making a grid with 25mm or 1" squares.
3.) Using the grid plan above as reference, draw the same outline shape onto the card using the same crossing points on the card grid as on the plan grid.
4) Cut out the outline shape on the card and use that as a pattern for the wood.

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